Any of the projects - foodbanks, cafes, Places of Welcome, ... are always glad to have volunteers. Contact Gill Beeley gillian.beeley@together-lancashire.org.uk or Greg Smith greg.smith@together-lancashire.org.uk or click here to see some opportunities and get directly in touch with organisations needing volunteers.

If you are an organisation wanting to advertise for volunteers, please click here and fill in the online form to register your details. We will try to get them up on the site within seven days but if you want to contact us to make sure email Gill or Greg.

'Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth' - 1 John 3: 18


You can help others in Lancashire by giving much needed financial support to the organisations we help. Click here to give vital funds that will help to fight poverty in Lancashire.


Pray for the families in poverty, and for the organisations that help them.