Many people find themselves financially excluded, they encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs.  You can find out more here Money talks

TMC is a member of the local Financial Inclusion Group (FIG), working with a wide variety of partner organisations to provide support for people struggling with low incomes.  



TMC has been working with local credit unions to raise the profile of their work and offer the support and resources of local churches.  To find out more about local Credit Unions follow the links below:

Pioneer Credit Union –based in Middlesbrough

Tees Credit Union –based in Stockton, covering the entire Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

JUST FINANCE NETWORK helps local churches to engage faithfully and effectively with issues of money, debt and credit in their communities. The Network launched in May 2014 as the Church Credit Champions Network with pilots in London and Liverpool.  You can find out more here Just Finance Foundation. 


CSCS is a short, informal course that offers an introduction to budgeting skills and saving. Feedback from participants suggests that it's fun and it's shorter than many other money management courses. 

The course is facilitated, rather than taught and is very interactive - including sampling Jaffa Cakes! People get the idea about some basics of money and finance and also find out about tools they can use themselves (e.g. budgeting tools) or can help others to use (e.g. if they were in a foodbank or somewhere and speaking with people wanting a bit of help).  More details available here CSCS 


At the centre of LifeSavers is a school-based savings club, run in partnership with the local credit union, where children will be encouraged to save small, regular amounts of money. This is combined with values-based financial education resources and training for teachers, along with a holistic approach involving parents, carers and the whole community in children’s financial education. If your church or school is interested in being part of this please contact us.


Firm Foundations is a new project which began in 2016 working across Middlesbrough to support people struggling in financial crisis, TMC is a partner in the project. Firm Foundations helps support people to reduce hardship and to build skills and confidence. The project offers a range of approaches to help people get their life back on track and also improve their sense of well-being.