Feeding Bradford Vision and Work Priorities - Jan 2018

Vision Statement

Our vision is a Bradford free of food poverty where people have access to affordable good food.


Work priorities

 To ensure that children in Bradford are fed during term time and in school holidays

o   by supporting existing provision and encouraging the development of new provision including before and after school meals and holiday activities with food.

  • To improve food crisis support so that no one has to go to bed hungry

o   by supporting a network of food crisis support in Bradford including foodbanks, meal provision, community food stalls and PAYF cafes.  This helps to improve communication within the network, promotes best practice, collates and distributing information, identifies gaps and reduces duplication. 

o   By hosting meetings and other forums where network member and others can flag up issues and trends and gaps, and that problems can be discussed and solutions found together. 

o   By acting as a catalyst to develop new projects if needed.

  • To ensure that decision makers and residents of Bradford and beyond are aware of the underlying factors leading to food insecurity and have positive ways of responding

o   By collecting and sharing local information, stories and data

o   By providing a framework for others to respond to the problems of poverty, specifically those which can reduce the numbers of people reliant on crisis food, with coordination and avoiding duplication

o   By improving access to resources, information and expertise (linking people, volunteers and resources to projects)

  • To involve experts by experience in Feeding Bradford’s work.
  • By initially looking at best practice elsewhere
  • Inviting experts by experience speakers to speak at events
  • To seek funding to continue and extend Feeding Bradford’s work
  • By exploring the advantages partnership working and funding bids
  • By seeking continuation funding for the role of Feeding Bradford Development Worker

Wellsprings Together Bradford has been working with partners to tackle food poverty for over 4 years. In that time we’ve set up a network open to all the local projects feeding people in need.

We’ve also supported the Keighley Food Poverty Action Partnership. Both networks meet regularly to build relationships, share good practice and offer support to those responding to hunger locally.

More recently we’ve been exploring how we can take a step back from the crisis work and explore how we can work collaboratively to prevent people ending up needing help to feed themselves and their families.

We produce the Free Food resource which lists where those in need can access free food without referral every day of the week locally.

We are now part of the Feeding Britain initiative, an independent charity, established by members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger, to help put into practice the recommendations set out in the group’s Feeding Britain reports. Their objective is to work towards a hunger-free United Kingdom by 2020. More information can be found on their website https://feeding-britain.org/holiday-hunger-campaign/

Please contact Cathy Henwood if you'd like to know more about this work.