Feeding Bradford Quarterly Network Meeting 9th July 2018 Storehouse Bradford

  • Welcome and who is here

Angus McNab – Shipley/Bradford North Foodbank, Ian Brewer - Bradford Credit Union, June Hill with Kieran - St Johns Great Horton, Joe - Fareshare, Cathy Henwood – Feeding Bradford, Juli & Soraya – Storehouse, Barbara - Bingley Foodbank, Heather - Saffron Dean Community Association, Sally and Natalie - Gateway, Paula - Ward officer, Taj Butt - Great Horton, Laura with Gemma and Emma - Superfood market, Chris - Safety First, Sheila – BMDC neighbourhoods.

Cathy welcomed everyone to the quarterly meeting.  Anyone with an interest in food poverty is welcome to come along.

  • Updates

Feeding Bradford are supporting 6 Holiday Hunger Projects:  4/5 weeks of the holidays.  Pushing for the Government to get on board.  Not “soup kitchens for children”. Educational attainment drops over the summer so this is a real opportunity to support children so they have a great summer and are ready for the new term.  Projects are:

Gateway, Springfield Youth Centre, Ravenscliffe Youth Centre, Community Works, Windhill Community Centre, Horton Park Primary School

Question - Joe: Where are you getting food? Cathy: Storehouse and Fareshare.  Groups will get more value for money, some of the money has gone directly to Storehouse to source food for the schemes.

Advice Worker in Food Settings: Bid with the lottery about getting advice workers into food poverty settings.

Faith in Food, community centres, faith groups, Wellsprings have funding for this.  Can we draw others in the network that haven’t already got involved?

  • Structure:

We are becoming a bit more grown up.  Copy of constitution on the web site.  We will have our first AGM on the 8th of October at 1.30pm at the Storehouse. This will include votes for the steering group again. We would welcome others that want to get involved to join the steering group, please let Cathy know if you would like to join or if you have any questions about the steering group. [email protected]

We also are going to have a strategic planning session on 10th September with the Feeding Bradford steering group and anyone else who would like to get involved.  That meeting is also at the Storehouse at 10.30, please let Cathy know if you are interested in attending.

Post-it notes handed out, are there any ideas for discussion or to take forward.  Additional questions, write them down.

We had surveys from organisations and from individuals

Discussion of the Survey.

Comment was made that if people were asked their names were they able to give accurate responses.  Would being anonymous get a better picture of provision. – Cathy said people where only asked for initial but there was a possible issue with that.

Comment: Hot meal Providers: there are a lot of questionnaires from that group - are they creating a dependency?

Same for the foodbanks, give the food to people but you do question the need?

Health Issues, reduction, rickets re-emerging.  Fresh, proper, little and often. 

Are we propping up a failing system, wrap-around services, signposting important.  But another issue is we are signposting to over-stretched services. 

Is it worth looking at the data again and drawing out more information – for example profile of individual.  Group of men aged 25-65 are accessing services because of these issues etc.  A bit more in depth, case studies. People are missing out. 

What needs are not being met – what projects could be developed

Boot camp for children:  drink, sandwich, yoghurt, break, younger, middle and older age groups.

More holiday schemes:  Combat loneliness and isolation.  Places to bid for money to run day centres. 

Updates from the room

Credit Union Ian Brewer spoke about the jam jar account.  6,500 people save with CU.  People who can save can also borrow. Debit card that cannot go overdrawn.  New savers get a card.  Anyone can get a CU membership.  Good for unemployed as helps with budgeting if people now on monthly payments, includes instant access debit card which will be free from its launch is on July 23rd.

Emma – Food for Life Thorpe Edge - is about to launch their Food Hub on 19th July – which will be a place where members can access low cost food.  Members need to be on some sort of benefits.

Laura spoke about real food supermarket and being able to offer access for gluten free and other dietary needs foods.  Cathy will get a short article for the newsletter.

To view the Constitution of Feeding Bradford, please click here

To view the Feeding Bradford Vision and Work Priorities, please click here