TMC is a partner with Ageing Better Middlesbrough a project that works with people aged 50 and over to reduce loneliness and social isolation. Support is offered to older people in Middlesbrough to lead fuller, happier and more active lives. Watch this short film to find out more. 

We recognise the importance of the work of faith groups in helping to tackle loneliness and isolation among older people in our communities. Many churches already provide support and care to those who are isolated, particularly in times of loss, bereavement and ill-health, and the Faithfully Ageing Better project aims to identify, celebrate, and help to develop this work to continue to serve the spiritual and practical needs of the older community. An initial aim for the project is to find out what churches in Middlesbrough are already doing to help support older people, and we also want to recognise and celebrate the value of older people sharing their gifts as volunteers in church communities.  If you are involved in projects that relate to these aims or would like to see what else your church group could do, please contact the Faithfully Ageing Better Development Worker, Maddy Fisher.

Loneliness has been described as A Silent Epidemic in our communities. Church Urban Fund has produced two reports about the role of churches in reducing isolation and loneliness, and promoting people’s well-being and flourishing.

Connecting Communities  The report provides a summary of best practice for churches who are responding to the issue of loneliness and shows that churches are uniquely well placed to carry out the types of activities that have been proven to be most effective in reducing loneliness.

Let’s Get Together This piece of research looks at how the social connections that we have impact health and well-being. The findings reinforce the significance of inter-personal relationships for people’s well-being and flourishing, and points to the importance of churches and other groups continuing to provide opportunities for people to connect with others, and to create spaces where people can feel that they belong.