The Big Pancake Party

Together we can make a huge differences to the lives of families across the country who are struggling to feed themselves. Find out how the Together Network is already making a difference.

‘Can I save mine and take it home? I want to share it with my mum…’

Whilst the other children at the holiday club enthusiastically tucked into their fish and chips, the little eight-year-old boy sat nervously holding his plate of food.

Heartbreakingly, this little lad had seen his mum go without meals so that he could have enough to eat, and he wanted to save his lunch to share with her.

At CUF we know that the school holidays can often be a time of increased hunger and stress, with weekly budgets having to stretch to cover additional meals, leaving families struggling to make ends meet. Thankfully, this little boy had the chance to be part of a holiday club, supported by Church Urban Fund, which provides a healthy lunch.

A gift today will help support the many social action projects across England, supported by CUF, that are working to tackle the food crisis. Your gift today will help those struggling to put food on the table.

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