'Real People Honest Talk' is bringing hope to communities

Thank you for supporting 'Real People Honest Talk' which brings together people from a community to talk about the problems they see in their area, and to develop an action plan to tackle them together.

'Real People Honest Talk' is having a tremendous impact on local neighbourhoods, by empowering ordinary people to take control of the situations they see around them and make positive change.

Your gift is an investment of hope and healing into needy communities.

Helen's story

'There's nowhere for people like me to go anymore.'

Now in her mid-60s and retired, Helen moved back to her hometown of Blackburn after her family had grown up. Even though she knew the town well in the 2 years that he had returned she had become quite isolated and noticed that others were too, with no community spaces in which to meet.

Helen heard about ‘Real People Honest Talk’ and decided to attend. She met other people from her community, people she hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before – despite living close to one another. They discussed their experiences and realised they could work together to help local people become less isolated. Someone mentioned a national movement called Places of Welcome, a weekly space where everyone is made to feel welcome, where you can have a cuppa and can socialise, without cost. With support from ‘Real People Honest Talk’, they decided to organise one in their neighbourhood.

Helen says: “It was brilliant! ‘Real People Honest Talk’ is exactly what we needed here. We discussed our idea with the local council, and they are supporting us, we’re planning to open a Place of Welcome in the next couple of months…”

“I can’t thank ‘Real People Honest Talk’ enough. Every town needs this.”