Make your donation to the Harvest appeal today!

This Harvest we are celebrating the gifts that God gives us. Not just the gifts from the land and its produce, but the gifts of people - with the unique skills and abilities they bring and share with their communities.

One of these people is Mary.

Mary, (left, on the image above) saw a need in her community where vulnerable children were going hungry, so she started a meals provision service to the most needy children. She started this project from her home, which she self-funded. This simple service helps to protect young children from being groomed into gangs. Now the project supports around 40 families and provides 150 meals a week for local children.

Your gift could help to support people like Mary, who are selflessly volunteering and giving of their talents to support their communities.

Make a gift this harvest that will grow to benefit a whole community.

If you need any help in making your donation, please give Trudy a call on 020 7898 1649, or email here.

Thank you so much.