Carla Gonen – Jewish

Hassan Shauq – Muslim

Photographer - Dharmendra Patel, Outroslide Photography

How the friendship was formed

Carla and Hassan became friends at the Faith Guiding course. A group of seven Muslims, one Christian, one Buddhist and one Jew trained together to show visitors around their places of worship. Carla was getting married a week after the final session and the whole group clubbed together to buy her a surprise wedding present. The present was given to her in the synagogue which they visited as part of the final session.


Birmingham Progressive Synagogue, Edgbaston

What our friendship means to us:

Carla: ‘The friendship has given me the confidence to talk to Muslims. I had felt apologetic for being Jewish. Now I know I have no need to hide my faith. I have been accepted by them.’

Hassan: ‘Our friendship has challenged misconceptions. We have exchanged views and now we know each other.’