TL has been active in Burnley supporting individual churches, faith leaders and groups of churches/community organisations.  SW Burnley Together has developed into a useful network, sharing current information, supporting each others' activities, producing a neighbourhood plan and campaigning for against withdrawal of resources.  The SW Burnley Together facebook page has information about activities etc for this group.

Within that group, TL has supported individual churches as they seek to develop their churches and impact within their communities.

Food poverty and insecurity is a significant strand of work - the Feeding Lancashire Together project has distributed slow cookers to organisations in Burnley, to teach cooking skills to their groups. Grants have been given for storage equipment.

A Burnley wide group meets periodically to share information and expertise relating to the impact of welfare reforms, other austerity measures, funding cuts, etc, which help organisations to understand the issues we are facing, and to better plan our response.

We want to put you on the map!   We are extending our googlemap of foodbanks - here's the link.    We hope to include all the social action projects and events held in Burnley. To take part, get in touch with Gillian or fill in our questionnaire Burnley Mapping