We have recently released research that shows how much hunger impacts our country. You can learn more and read the full report here, but here’s what you need to know:

Food banks: Our research showed that 1 in 50 British adults used a food bank in 2016.

Birthdays: 1 in 10 missed celebrating a special occasion like Christmas or their birthday because they could not afford it.

Skipping meals: 1 in 20 British adults skipped a meal because they could not afford to eat.

Worry: 13% of Britons have worried they would not be able to afford food for themselves of their family.

Food poverty is a serious problem in our country. Although we want the Big Pancake Party to be a lot of fun for everyone involved, it is much more than that.

The money raised by Pancake Parties across the country will be used to make sure families aren’t skipping meals anymore, that people don’t need to use food banks, and that people can celebrate birthdays and holidays.

The difference you make

Since the Big Pancake Party 2017, the Together Network has been able to expand its work on food poverty by a lot!

Here are some examples from across the country of how our work has grown since BPP’17:

Cornwall: Transformation Cornwall have hired a Food for Change worker who will be working with communities in Cornwall to help them grow, cook, and trade food in their local communities to make a little money can go a long way.

Lancashire: Together Lancashire are working on a new trend: community fridges. The idea behind these community fridges is to provide an accessible place for unwanted food to be shared with others in the community.

Bradford: Wellsprings Together Bradford have joined the Feeding Britain initiative. They have hired Cathy Henwood who will be working throughout the city to end hunger.

Southwark: Together Southwark have been working with a local project to help them provide a ‘lunchbox library’ to help families feed their children throughout the holidays, when they don’t have free school meals.

Chester, Middlesbrough, Durham, and Plymouth: In each of these locations the Together Network has been hosting activity groups through the summer holidays. This works plugs the gap for families when free school meals go away. Each project provides children with healthy food and lots of fun activities. Watch the video below to find out more.

Register your interest today and host your Big Pancake Party to help us end hunger.