Add a dash of fun!

One of our key requirements for the Big Pancake Party is that it’s a lot of fun! We’ve been dreaming up all of the things we could do at our own Pancake Party and thought we could share them with you.

Have a theme

First we thought about making it themed! Could yours be a French themed Big Crêpe Party? Or are you a fan of the good old American Pancake? Maybe yours could be Dutch, or Scottish, or somewhere else that does great pancakes? Dress up and decorate the place according to your chosen theme.

Have some fun

We want the Big Pancake Party to be a lot of fun, so we've devise some ideas for a great party!

Whatever it is that you do, share it with us! We want to create a storm on social media of colourful Pancake Party posts. Share your post with #BigPancakeParty



How do you want to raise money?

There are various ways you could raise money through the Big Pancake Party. You could... 

  • Ask for a donation from every attendee

  • Ask guests to pay per pancake

Or you could get a little competitive...

  • Host a flipping contest: competitors pay to enter and the winner gets a prize like a box of chocs or an extra pancake

  • It's batter week: host a competition for the best designed specialty pancake and raise funds in the same way as the flipping contest

  • For those who dare: Make the nastiest pancake you can dream of; get brussel sprouts with whipped cream and a big chunk of blue stilton onto a pancake and sponsor some brave soul to eat it. Or devise your own nasty pancake and share it using #BigPancakeParty