What sort of financial personality do I want to be?

Financial capability, (also known as financial literacy or financial education), focuses on the knowledge and skills required to make effective and informed money management decisions.Read more

Bank of England sees LifeSavers in action

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England spent a day at Church of England Primary School. Andy spent time with Year 5 and 6 pupils in charge of the LifeSavers programme. LifeSavers is designed to help children manage money wisely. The Mustard Seed Appeal supports such programmes to promote a fair financial future for all.Read more

Civil Society Strategy Engagement Exercise

This paper responds to the government's Civil Society Strategy engagement exercise. It draws on our values, our experiences in communities across the country, and the perspectives of participants in a roundtable discussion we hosted to inform the consultation.Read more

Software to Snowfights

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UK Politicians Recognise Easter

This past Easter weekend, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and Sadiq Khan all shared holiday greetings and reflected on the meaning of Easter for British society.Read more

The Church in Action on Loneliness

The church has a unique role to play in tackling loneliness.Read more

Compassion and Community: Churches in Action

Is social justice incompatible with growing churches?Read more

7 Ways your support made a difference in 2017

Your support has transformed lives and communities this year. Find out how.Read more

Universal Credit: Your questions answered

James is working on the ground to support people through the Universal Credit application process. Here he shares what he has learnt.Read more

What is the Church for?

How does social action relate to church growth and discipleship?Read more