BwD Food Alliance is a collaborative of statutory organisations, lead by the Council's Public Health Directorate, Clinical Commissioning Group, and team leaders from the East Lancashire Hospitals Trust.  They involved a range of organisations to develop the Eat Well Strategy.  This has now been widely adopted by strategic health bodies.  The Eat Well Action Plan is here

As well as having a strategic framework, organisations are working to achieve aspects of the action plan associated with the strategy.   The organisations include housing associations, primary/secondary schools and many third sector organisations.  These provide a responses to crises brought about by poverty, as well as programmes to prevent people becoming trapped in the web of poverty. 

The Objectives of our Food Alliance is to develop an action plan focussed on food poverty, which will be widely consulted, and co-produced by the public, third sector and their partners.  It will reflect needs of BwD residents. It will provide a focus to co-ordinate existing activities so that we can best use our resources, skills and expertise.

Communication is so important; the Alliance will provide a central point of contact for food poverty and sustainability activity.  It is recognised that we need to be out there on the web more widely, but we also need to build personal relationships.  The Alliance will provide the infrastructure to do this, and to be a point of reference/information.  We are also committed to ensuring robust evaluation of action plan including return on investment information.

By improving our engagement with the public, we will raise awareness of issues regarding food poverty/sustainability. Not least we will campaign for change, and be a voice for the vulnerable people in BwD.

The Darwen Group meets regularly - contact Gill Beeley [email protected].  There is a meeting of Blackburn with Darwen groups on 22 March - see events page.