Bhavesh Patel – No faith

Barbara Maclean –Christian

Photographer - Dharmendra Patel, Outroslide Photography


How the friendship was formed

Barbara and Bhavesh had often met and chatted over the past five years when Barbara shopped in the store that Bhavesh manages. They then sat at the same table at the Hodge Hill ‘Unsung Heroes’ event and really got to know each other. They were both nominated as heroes – Barbara for being a good friend to people and Bhavesh for his work with the school. ‘Unsung Heroes’ recognised local people who made a difference in their community.



Nisa Local, Bromford


What our friendship means to us:

Bhavesh & Barbara: ‘Our friendship makes a lot of difference. It is good to see a friendly face, it makes you feel safe and nice.’