Archbishop Justin Welby has encouraged faith groups to get involved with the Great Get Together and to do so with Near Neighbours. 

Commenting on the Great Get Together he said: 

“We find ourselves today at a complex point in the life of our nation. There are many issues that appear to be pulling us apart, and our political leaders are making difficult decisions about whether or how to move with those forces, or to resist and seek to strengthen the ties that bind us as a society and with the wider world - together - to recognise that "we have far more in common than than that which divides us."

“The Great Get Together is an excellent opportunity for all of us to strengthen the ties that bind us – as local communities and as a country – and to practice our values of hospitality, welcome and generosity, which are a gift that the followers of Jesus Christ can model for the benefit of our wider society. The Great Get Together is a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Jo Cox MP, her public service and her commitment to the inclusion and flourishing of all people in society.

“So I encourage you wholeheartedly to host a Great Get Together in your community and to do so in partnership with Near Neighbours, whose inspiring work has enabled local communities across the country to work and live together effectively.”

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