Thrive Together Birmingham

We Are Recruiting - Facilitator for Safe Spaces for Young People

Thrive Together Birmingham is seeking to recruit a Birmingham facilitator to work with churches and Christian led organisations to grow and develop a network of Safe Spaces for Young People.Read more

We Are Recruiting - Development Worker

We are recruiting an Development Worker to work with Faith Communities to support and develop new and existing activities for children under 5 and their families.Read more

Blog: For The Love of Brum

Birmingham is a city of possibility and opportunity, of business and commerce, and entrepreneurialism. It is all these things and many more but it is a city with two faces and its other face is not nearly quite so pretty.Read more

Recruitment - Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission

We are recruiting for a Part Time post and a Self Employed consultant to be part of facilitating a Poverty Truth Commission in BirminghamRead more

Our Near Neighbours Worker

Rabiyah K Latif our Near Neighbours Worker in BirminghamRead more