Chris Vaughan – Agnostic

Daniel Thirkelsen – Vegan

Yasmin Gallagher – Roman Catholic

Anna Gallagher – Roman Catholic

Ernie Holmes – Christian

Ramona Kauth – Buddhist

Photographer - Dharmendra Patel, Outroslide Photography

How the friendships were formed:

Chris applied to Near Neighbours on behalf of the Summerfield Residents Association to run a gardening project to bring local people together and encourage better use of green spaces. Chris says that through the gardening project everyone has made connections with new people, seen difference sides of one another and gained a greater sense of belonging. This view is echoed by others in the group. Daniel felt very isolated, then heard about the gardening project through a leaflet drop and now he is glad that having met some local people he can connect in wider ways. Ann, who has been battling cancer over recent years, says the project has helped her feel more connected at a time when she has needed people around her. Ernie says Ann has been an inspiration in dealing with illness and Daniel was someone he would have seen as a ‘hippy’ but now enjoys working with him.


The Ark, Summerfield