Once you know where you are going, you can think about how you are going to get there! There are two reasons why you need a plan. Firstly, you need to be able to manage your activities and achieve your aims, and secondly, you can show other people what you are going to do, to help with applying for funding or developing partnerships.

There are six core elements to project planning:

Vision – Clearly stating what you are trying to achieve;

Project Needs – What is going on in your local area that has led you to want to run this project;

Resources – The people, equipment, partnerships, and funds that you currently have and that you need to obtain;

Delivery – How you are going to use your resources to achieve your vision;

Management – Making sure your project is going to plan and allocating responsibilities;

Monitoring – Checking how your project achieved the vision and what could be improved for next time.

Similar to the vision, you don’t need to have the full plan ready within a day, as it takes time to think through your project and find potential volunteers and partners. Read more about Project Planning.