The backbone of many local community projects is the dedication of selfless volunteers that are willing to put in hours to help improve the local community. There are some key areas to think about when you are asking people to volunteer with your project or when they ask you if they can get involved:

Clarifying Tasks – Be clear about what the volunteer is doing, why it matters, what they need to do it, and who will be overseeing their work;

Building Good Relationships – Making sure you focus on the volunteer, rather than just the task they are doing. Acknowledge the good work they are doing and how valuable they are to the running of the project;

Encouraging Development – Creating opportunities for volunteers to gain new experiences and develop additional skills through the project;

Tackling Difficulties – Trying to overcome misunderstanding and challenges as they develop and making sure that volunteers understand the common goal;

Agreeing Principles – Having a clear policy about working with volunteers, which can cover recruitment, expenses, and safeguarding;

Managing Formalities – Understanding any legal responsibilities related to volunteers, such as safeguarding, health and safety, risk assessments, and emergency contacts.

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