Wolverhampton Poverty Truth has for the last year, been creating spaces for people to talk about experiences of poverty.

We will be starting promptly at 2pm, but tea / coffee and pastries will be served from 1:30pm.

We started in April 2017 with a question: ‘What if people who have directly experienced poverty were involved in making the decisions about how to tackle poverty in Wolverhampton?’​

Working closely with other Poverty Truth Commissions across the UK, Transforming Communities Together has brought together a group of people with experience of poverty and hardship (Grassroots Voices) with some of Wolverhampton's civic and business leaders - the City Shapers.

For over a year, the Grassroots and City Shaper groups have partnered to investigate three poverty topics in detail and have been working TOGETHER to form solutions.

During this time, they have also built relationships and a shared understanding, which will last a long time.

Join us as they share their learning and insight.