"Life without Debbie would be lonely and quiet. Now I always have someone to speak to.”

Mary, now in her 80s, was for many years an active member of her community as a local councillor. She was well known for being the life and soul of any gathering, but has recently been confined due to the onset of arthritis and dementia, and has been unable to do everyday things like going to the shops or tending to her beloved garden.

Mary says her life has changed since she met volunteer Debbie through our Coventry partner’s afternoon tea befriender scheme, where a volunteer is paired with a vulnerable person. Debbie visits Mary at home at least once a week and has brought joy back into her life.

“I can’t believe she’s so kind and thoughtful! I’ve got to laugh and smile when I think about her. I’ve got no fear of the coming winter, because Debbie is around, there to help me.”

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