The Hunger Crisis

For this eight year old, like many children across England, school holidays can be a time of increased hunger and stress as families struggle to make ends meet. With low wages, insecure work, increased personal debt and cuts to welfare all putting pressure on households, families are often forced to prioritise rent and utility bills over the food they need, meaning that parents often go without, so their children can have a meal. The problem is widespread. From our research we know that 81% of churches in England are involved in food banks in one or more ways. And the Trussell Trust, Britian's largest foodbank network, provided over 1 million emergency food supplies nationwide during 2015/2016 - more than any previous year.

The young boy sat holding his fish and chip lunch while the other children ate theirs.

"Can I save mine and take it home? I want to share it with my mum." He asked.

At CUF we want to help those struggling to put food on the table. Your gift today will help support the many church-based social-action projects across England that are helping to tackle the food crisis, ranging from short-term to longer term solutions. 

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