To see him now, you would never have known that John had been in a spiral of homelessness for years. John now has his own home and is working, but only a few months ago John’s story was very different.

Last winter, John was referred to a church which was part of the Winter Night Shelter in Manchester. The church provided a warm bed, nourishing food, and a safe space to relax. But more than that they provided hospitality, friendship, and support. And it was through the night shelter that John’s life was completely turned around, when he was offered a permanent home and a job.

John had this to say of the help and support he received from the winter night shelter:

"I want to thank you and all concerned for the way you have treated and looked after us on our weekly Wednesday visits to your church.

I really can’t put into words the feelings I have regarding the way you and the rest of the gang have looked after and cared for us.

The concern, thoughtfulness and absolute love you have showered on us will live with me forever and from the bottom of my heart I thank you."

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