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    An ecumenical grouping of Methodists, Anglicans and other denominations working to address poverty in all its forms in Lancashire. Read more

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  • About Lancashire

    From Irish Sea to Mill Towns, from Fells to lowland plains.Lancashire is a diverse county with a diverse population. It's not all cloth caps and Whippets. A resilient population has withstood much in the past and today. Read more

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    Thank you for looking at Together Lancashire In such a diverse area there are plenty of opportunities for you to be involved. Read more


  • Child Poverty in Blackburn

    You don't think that children get really hungry, are under- or malnourished in this day and age. But too many of BwD's children are suffering from the effects of poverty. The conference will give us the facts, and then the opportunity to see what we can do to address this disturbing issue. Read more