2016 Publications

Take a look at our latest publications from this year.Read more

2015 Publications

2015 publications include our Fullness of Life together report, a national survey of church-based social action and a series of events hosted with Edinburgh University.Read more

2014 Publications

In 2014 we published our foundational paper 'Web of Poverty', a report on the impact of our work and investigated themes of financial inclusion and credit unions.Read more

2013 Publications

In 2013 we analysed the impact of welfare reform, released research on food poverty and reflected on Asset-Based Community Development as an approach to development.Read more

2012 Publications

In 2012 our research looked at the role of the church, work that churches do and attitudes of Christians. Other themes include youth unemployment, the launch of the poverty look-up tool, volunteering and relationships.Read more

Publications from 2011 and Before

Find our research on a range of topics from homelessness to the living wage and the impact of spending cuts from 2011 and before here.Read more